RM: projects of designed furnishings since 1881

RM RoncoroniMoretti was founded in 2002 by the union of two entrepreneurial traditions, Roncoroni and Moretti.

The first was founded in 1881 at Cantù and now boasts its fifth generation.
The core of its business has always been the design of custom-made furniture, a tradition carried on until 1959 - after incredible decades of collaborations with architects and interior designers of the time – to then move on to an activity on an industrial scale.

Moretti was founded in Verbania in 1964 by the cabinet-maker Ferdinando Moretti.
To inherit the reins of the company was his son Albert, who expanded the business from the carpentry to the furnishing of luxury houses and villas, thanks to collaborations with the best architects of Lake Maggiore.

RoncoroniMoretti was therefore founded from the union of the two companies, with the idea of combining the tradition of style and design of Roncoroni with the outstanding craftsmanship of Moretti, and the intent to develop the market for "custom-made furniture and interior design projects".

The collaboration with leading architects has always been one of the hallmarks of the company which, since its foundation and in the immediate post-war period, has seen Roncoroni collaborate with names such as Gio Ponti, Ico Parisi, Frattini and Ulrich .
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