RM: unique and exclusive interior design projects around the world

RM RoncoroniMoretti is a company of global vocation, with approximately 85% of its customers outside the national territory, and with projects in some of the most exclusive places in the world: St. Moritz, Miami, Beverly Hills, Aspen, Paris, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Seoul, Athens, Dubai, Istanbul, Geneva, Zurich, Brussels, Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

RoncoroniMoretti is aiming today to become a model at international level in the conception and creation of unique and exclusive furnishing projects, characterized by good taste and a unique style, tailor-made to the customer.

At the same time, the company is becoming a global point of reference for other operators in the world of  customized furnishings and interior design, such as architects, developers and real estate agents.  RoncoroniMoretti introduces itself as a privileged partner, with a logic of close and constant collaboration, with the aim of adding value to their projects.

List of references

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